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Výrobní proces povrchové úpravy Greenkote, je difúzní proces nazývaný termo-chemická povrchová modifikace (TCSM) kde vrchní vrstva se nanáší uvnitř vyhřáté nádoby.

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Wark Tyne Bridge, Northumberland | Whitecart Viaduct, M8 Glasgow | Forth Road Bridge re-strengthening | West Gate Bridge, MelbourneM74 Extension, Glasgow | Temporary Bridge in Cumbria | Ironmasters Bridge, Middlesbrough | Littlemoor Road Bridge, Weymouth | Hayden Bridge, Northumberland | Shiremoor Viaduct | Award Winning Highways Agency Bridge on A66 | Finnieston Road Bridge, Glasgow | Ouse Viaduct, Yorkshire

Wark Tyne Bridge, Northumberland

Datum dokončení: září 2013

Ashington company, Site and Field Services Ltd are working on the restoration and re-strengthening of Wark Tyne bridge in the beautiful Northumberland country side. Using both TCB Standard and also TCB Countersunk, the project has had to take into account the close proximity of local residents and also the natural environment. CSK TCB's being used on the replacement bridge deck.

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Whitecart Viaduct, M8 Glasgow

Datum dokončení: prosinec 2010

The busy M8 motorway in the west of Glasgow is currently being re-strengthened by P.C. Richardson of Cleveland. The viaduct carries around 80,000 vehicles a day on the primary route from the city centre to the airport.


Forth Road Bridge re-strengthening

Datum dokončení: říjen 2010

Millar Callaghan Ltd are currently using many thousands of TCBs to re-strengthen the world famous iconic Forth Road Bridge. As well as re-strengthening the bridge, Millar Callaghan have installed a number of new maintainence gantries and stairways under the bridge deck. TCB's unique environmentally friendly coating Greenkote® will prove invaluable in such close proximity to the Firth of Forth.


West Gate Bridge, Melbourne

Datum dokončení: březen 2010

The West Gate Bridge spans the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia. It carries the main 8 lane highway between the cities western suburbs and the city centre. Standing 58 meters above the water, the main river span is 336 meters long. Construction of the bridge had taken ten years when it was finally completed in 1978. On completion of the restrengthening work, John Holland pty and the West Gate Bridge strengthening alliance will have installed in excess of 450,000 TCBs.


M74 Extension, Glasgow

Datum dokončení: listopad 2009

Cleveland Bridge are erecting 20,000 tonnes of Steel Bridges as part of the new M74 extension into the centre of Glasgow. Huge Steel sections have been transported to a specially cleared yard near to the site in South East Glasgow where they are being connected using thousands of Weathering Steel TCBs. The extension links the existing M74 up to the M8 to the west of the Kingston Bridge.

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Temporary Bridge in Cumbria

Datum dokončení: listopad 2009

Janson Bridging Ltd in association with Birse Rail have erected a large temporary bridge in Carlise using TCBs. Each of the 4 spans consist of 4 bridge units connected with TCBs into pairs. The bridge is over the west coast mainline and a local route.

Carlisle from Below resize

Ironmasters Bridge, Middlesbrough

Datum dokončení: srpen 2009

The North Middlesbrough accessibility scheme was designed to improve links to Riverside Park and Newport areas of the city. Cleveland bridge fabricated the Ironmasters bridge for the project.


Littlemoor Road Bridge, Weymouth

Datum dokončení: květen 2009

Rowecord Engineering fabricated and erected the new Littlemoor Road bridge as part of the Weymouth relief road.

littlemoor road1


Hayden Bridge, Northumberland

Datum dokončení: srpen 2008

The Haydon Bridge by-pass viaduct was erected using weathing steel TCBs by Watson Steel during the summer of 2008. The viaduct on the A69 crosses both the river Tyne and the main railway line between Carlise and Newcastle.


Shiremoor Viaduct

Datum dokončení: červen 2008

Weathering Steel TCB's used on Shiremoor Viaduct, Newcastle Upon Tyne by Allerton Steel.

DSC01973 resize

Award Winning Highways Agency Bridge on A66

Datum dokončení: prosinec 2007

Cleveland Bridge UK working on behalf of the Highways Agency installed a replacement bridge on the A66, crossing the river Tees at Stockton in the north east of England. The award winning bridge cost £14.3 million and was completed in December 2007.

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Finnieston Road Bridge, Glasgow

Datum dokončení: leden 2006

The Finnieston Road bridge or "Clyde Arc" is a 169 metre long bridge four lane road crossing the river Clyde on the west side of Glasgow city centre. Also know locally as "squinty bridge", the Watson Steel built structure is now an instantly recognised landmark in the city. The advantage of using Greenkoted TCBs in close proximity to water once again proving invaluable.

291105 No 7

Ouse Viaduct, Yorkshire

Datum dokončení: leden 1999

The Ouse viaduct on the M62 in Yorkshire was built in the 1970's and was re-strengthened under the guidance of Balfour Beatty using TCBs in 1999. The bridge crosses the river Ouse close to where it runs into the Humber estuary.Some 325 tonnes of steel was added to the bridge to reinforce girder flanges and webs at critical locations.

Ouse Viaduct 3